Wednesday, October 15, 2008

National Comes Out of Closet - We're All Socialists Now

Some of us remember the 1975 New Zealand General Election campaign featuring an animated National Party TV ad of "Dancing Cossacks" suggesting the then Labour Government's New Zealand Superannuation Fund's purchases of stocks of NZ companies was creeping socialism that would result in a state-controlled economy. National won the election.

So, imagine the surprise of those whose memory is still functional, when National leader John Key announced yesterday that if elected National will require the current New Zealand Superannuation Fund to invest 40 percent of its assets within New Zealand.

After 33 years, National has come out. It has declared its socialist ways.

The late Rob Muldoon, chief attack dog for National in 1975, later Prime Minister, and state capitalist, must be spinning in his grave.

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