Monday, October 27, 2008

Labour's Infrastructure Policy in the New Zealand General Election

The Labour party's infrastructure policy released during the New Zealand election campaign envisions a a twenty year plan for sustainable infrastructure development. More details here.

Over that time period, Labour would seek to achieve a 90% renewable electricity generation target, work with local government to set priorities for local infrastructure investment, and improve New Zealand's water quality and sustainability of water usage.

Having re-nationalised rail track and then rail operations into the Kiwi Rail state-owned enterprise, Labour intends to expand long-haul rail freight as part of its plan for a more sustainable transportation policy. It will also support creation of a electricified rail network for the greater Auckland metro area including the North Shore to expand commuter rail and ease road congestion in the country's largest urban area.

Like National, Labour will also accelerate the pace of investment in the broadband network to improve productivity in business, government, universities, hospitals, and schools.

To fund its long term infrastructure plan, Labour will issue long-term infrastructure bonds which have a tax-free inflation-indexed element. Additionally, public-private partnerships will be adopted where it is cost-effective to do so to reduce the burden on the taxpayer of financing projects where infrastructure bond funds are insufficient.

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