Saturday, October 18, 2008

Obama Takes Early Lead in New Zealand General Election

Perhaps reflecting the fatigue of younger Kiwi citizens with local politics as well as their impressionable TV viewing habits, 10 year olds at the Manurewa swimming pools stopped National Leader John Key in his tracks when he asked them if they knew about the big election on 8 November.

"I'm going to vote for Obama," he was told.

No word from the Obama campaign yet on whether or not they'll be contesting the New Zealand General Election some 4 days after the US one. ACORN is said to be sending representatives to register new voters at the Manurewa pools.

While their parents may not be too enthusiastic about New Zealand becoming the 51st state - some would claim Australia was accorded that honor about 7 years ago - they might be more interested in a free trade agreement with the United States so that they have one just like Australia's.

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