Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kaikoura Kicks Off Electorate Campaign As Part of General Election

The Marlborough Express reports that the battle for the votes of electors in the Kaikoura electorate got off to a calm start when the six candidates addressed a small crowd of 20 citizens.

Colin King, National Party MP for Kaikoura, accused the Greens of policy "bordering on loopiness" after Green candidate Steffan Browning confronted the major party candidates about their poor performance and policy proposals on the environment. All candidates rejected the use nuclear energy to meet the country's future energy needs. Only the Labour and Green candidates supported retention of the current MMP voting system.

Kaikoura is well-known for its marine environment, including whales, seal colony, dolphins, and seabirds.

At the sound of politicking, the sperm whales likely took a deep dive into the Kaikoura Canyon while the Dusky dolphins trapped closer to the surface probably tried to divert themselves by "playing games'.

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