Sunday, October 26, 2008

Old Marching "Girls" Told To Wear Pants

CRAIG SIMCOX/The Dominion Post

In another ageist attack, women in the masters grade of Marching Girls (women over 30) in New Zealand have been told by Marching NZ, the national organisation, to cover up those legs.

Marching NZ claims that some marching "girls" have been put off joining by the short skirt requirement, but traditionalists argue that the legs must be visible in order to assess leg action as part of judging the quality of the marching performance.

Marching girls is a competitive marching activity invented in the 1930s to encourage teenage girls & young women to improve their fitness and health during the Great Depression. It was heavily influenced by military standards with respect to marching and uniforms. The sport has declined significantly in recent years as other pastimes lure young women away, ironically centred around "couch potato" lifestyles.

The Glenbrae marching team of Palmerston North, comprised of master grade marchers ranging in age from 32 to 65 with an average age of 40 something, go through their paces above.

Tartan trousers anyone?

Note: The term "marching girls" is still used by those participating in this activity.

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