Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Most Southern in the World #7 - Pub Hotel Bluff NZ

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The nearest hotel to the South Pole, Bluff NZ, circa 1910s.

How could a series of "Most Southern In The World" be complete without a place to "wet one's whistle"? So, here is the Bayview Hotel, I W MacPherson, proprietor, on the corner of Gore and Palmer Streets, in Bluff, New Zealand.

Billed as the Nearest Hotel to the South Pole, it lost that title when a pub opened in Half Moon Bay, Stewart Island, years later. If one counts the canteens at the various scientific bases in the Antarctic then there is ice-cold beer even much closer to the South Pole today.

The Bayview pub still serves beer today. Patrons of long ago might be momentarily taken aback in finding the way in or out - the door on the corner has gone - they'd have to go through a window instead - but the Palmer Street entrance remains.

Cheers to the "Most Southern" places & objects that have graced a postcard!

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