Monday, March 8, 2010

The Mint Chicks - New Zealand Band

In the mood for a brief reprise from the vintage travel poster series. It's a Monday morning and I need a gentle stirring of the brain to get going. (Remember shaking causes brain damage and is a definite no, no!). As James Bond said, a brain should be stirred, not shaken. Okay, I took liberties with that quote.

Poster fans we'll be back to fantasyland shortly. hang on.

Self-described as "troublegum pop" or more conventionally experimental noise rock or power pop, The Mint Chicks are a New Zealand band that formed in Auckland in 2001 but are currently based in Portland, Oregon so they are godwits, like yours truly, kuaka. The group consists of Ruban Nielson, Kody Nielson, Paul Roper and Michael Logie.

The Mint Chicks are currently touring New Zealand, most recently performing at a summer series in Albert Park, Auckland on Sunday. For those of us living in exile we'll have to make do with iTunes, YouTube, and The Mint Chicks web site:

More information about them on their web site here and Wiki entry here.

Watching some of the MCs' music video one wonders if their video was inspired in anyway by Len Lye's work, take a look at Hot on Your Heels and Life Will Get Better Some Day. Or perhaps it's just in the Kiwi drinking water. Maybe one of the Nielsons will stop by to confirm or deny ;)

Methinks, Len would approve - and marvel at what now can be done in filmography with digital technology. He might not go for the music, but who knows. More on Len Lye here - a mini-festival of his work on this blog.

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