Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fly Fishing in New Zealand - L C Mitchell, artist - 1935

Woman Fly Fishing in New Zealand - L C Mitchell, artist - 1935, book cover


Jayne said...

Is one allowed to tickle the trees in that fashion these days or has it been deemed offensive to their sensibilities or some such? :P

Andrew said...

I am so loving these travel posters, ok, book cover this time, but this one with a woman wearing sensible waders and a short haircut while fishing is extra good.

kuaka said...

Jayne, I think it's still acceptable to tickle trees in a non-invasive, respectful green manner, provided as Andrew points out you are wearing "sensible waders" and are standing in the middle of the stream.

Any more aggressive, unwelcome gestures such as tree hugging, or worse, tree felling, will get you a visit from the Ents. And that is something you'd rather wish to avoid.