Thursday, March 11, 2010

Seeds of Things to Come - Arthur Yates & Co Ltd Seed Catalogue 1932

Arthur Yates & Co 1932 garden annual cover

Arthur Yates & Co Ltd Seed Catalogue 1932

Arthur Yates & Co Seed Catalogue for 1932, offering among other things, parsnip, carrot, radish, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, onion, cauliflower, beet, turnip, and swede seeds. 

Never a fan of brassicas, cabbage and cauliflower, let alone turnips and swedes, left me cold as a child. Of course, I was told they were good for me - and I have to admit the medical and scientific evidence seems to be pointing in that direction. Persuade me with science, not with blind faith & "because I told you so's" directing me to eat the stuff!

The advertising copy states that the combined price for the seed packets pictured amounts to 6/- (6 shillings to the whippersnappers among you), equivalent to about NZ$32 in end of 2009 prices according to the handy dandy Reserve Bank of New Zealand calculator found here

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Jayne said...

Now, if only it was still 6/- to buy the whole lot we'd be wrapping the vegie patch produce in tree ferns and gently steaming those caulis and Brussell Sprouts in the geothermal manner.
Steaming is good for you...cos I told you so :P
Now, eat up, there's starving kids in Africa...