Sunday, March 21, 2010

Green Grocers of New Zealand, 1920s - #1

Interior of greengrocer's (fruit & vegetable) store, circa 1920s

If you click the above image and look closely at the rear wall upper you will see one of the posters promoting fruit listed in recent posts here as well as several others.

Would you like a bottle of fizzy drink to go with your cauli today? Grab one off the rear shelf.

Unfortunately, this store and the photographer are unidentified. Get with it, people! Write important info on the back of your photos for posterity! (Ok, yours truly regularly transgresses on this very point).


Jayne said...

There's posters on the back wall?
I couldn't take my eyes off that bendy marrow!

kuaka said...

Keep it seemly, now, Jayne! Wouldn't want you thrown out of the greengrocer's for excessive giggling ;)

DARIAN ZAM said...

At least two of those posters are in major New Zealand collections. The health/diet posters of that era are something to behold...I still remember some of these in production in the 1970s, hanging in the dental clinics.I don't think anyone hs done a cohesive study of them yet. It would be great if they did.