Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Len Lye - A Mini Festival - Kaleidoscope (1935)

And now for something completely different.... A Len Lye mini-festival of kinetic art & film.

New Zealand artist, Len Lye (1901 - 1980) was an innovator in kinetic art and experimental film. Like many creative Kiwis, Lye moved abroad in 1925 to develop his talent, first to the UK, then more permanently to the US. A biography may be found at the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography. The Len Lye Foundation and archives with more information about his work at the Govett-Brewster gallery in New Plymouth.



Roger Horrocks said...

You may be interested in this free exhibition of Lye's work opening soon in Auckland.

The Gus Fisher Gallery presents 'Art that Moves: The Work of Len Lye', an exhibition of films and kinetic sculptures, on display from 27 November 2009 to 6 February 2010. This is the first exhibition of Lye’s work at a public gallery in Auckland since 1980.

The exhibition explores Lye’s intense engagement with what he called the ‘magical mystery’ of motion. In addition to films and kinetic sculptures, there are paintings and photograms to represent other areas of his work and to illustrate the implied movement in his static images. Among the five kinetic sculptures in the show, there are two that have not previously been seen in Auckland.

The exhibition is linked with the publication of two new books: Art that Moves: The Work of Len Lye by Roger Horrocks (AUP), and Body English: Texts and Doodles by Len Lye (Holloway Press).

It's at The Gus Fisher Gallery, Kenneth Myers Centre, 74 Shortland Street, Auckland city. Admission free.

From Friday 27 Nov 2009 to Saturday 06 Feb 2010. (Closed Sundays and Mondays.)

kuaka said...

Great to hear! Have bumped your comment & info up to the post level so others may see it. thanks.