Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Richard Haydon: Shipboard Diary to New Zealand, 1883 - #18

Entrance to Port Chalmers, circa 1905-1910.

19 October

I happened to be on deck this morning about 2 Oclock I could just see the coast of New Zealand and the red light of the light-house off Port Chalmers at 4 Oclock it was a beautiful sight, on one side of the ship was a wide espance [sic] of red sky on the other was New Zealand with her high hills covered with snow.

at about 6 Oclock the ships colours were put up to warn them of our approach this morning was very warm we were sailing about 9 miles an hour until 10 Oclock when the wind fell this afternoon is a little cooler we are almost at a standstill the sea very calm the Anchors are ready for droping [sic] we have got about 112 miles more to go port Littleton.

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