Sunday, July 26, 2009

Richard Haydon: Shipboard Diary to New Zealand, 1883 - #15

9 October

fine day ship sailing very steady she is sailing about 10 miles an hour one of the young men that was ill is much better today the other became worse this morning and was put in the Hospital but the poor fellow died this afternoon about 1/2 past 4 Oclock his name is F Judson he died of inflammation on the lungs he about 18 years old it cast a gloom over the whole ship.

10 October

Very fine morning the poor fellow that died yesterday was buried this morning (about 8 Oclock) (the Burial Service was read by the Captain) he was laid out on a plank with the Union Jack over him he has a brother on board the ship is still very steady the wind is on her quarter she is sailing about 11 miles an hour.

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