Friday, July 24, 2009

Richard Haydon: Shipboard Diary to New Zealand, 1883 - #13

1 October

fine day still very steady she is sailing very well today she is sailing about 13 1/2 miles an hour not quite so warm as yesterday a very large wave crashed over the deck this afternoon and knocked down 2 or 3 people and ducked several others rain came on this evening.

2 October

Very wet today and rather rough strong head wind. ship got off of her course she is 75 points out sailing about 8 miles an hour.

3 October

Very Rough today wind changed and got around more behind us this afternoon the ship is rolling and pitching very heavy she is got on her right course again very heavy waves was hung over her today today a very heavy one struck her this evening about 9 O'clock she is sailing about 6 1/2 miles an hour a large number of the passengers are very sick.

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