Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Richard Haydon: Shipboard Diary to New Zealand, 1883 - #3

Crossing the Line

The Graphic (London), 26 November 1887.

30 August

A fine day she is gone off her course we are expecting bad wind in crossing the Line tonight sailing about 7 miles an hour got a nice breeze for the Tropics all well the setting of the Sun in the evening is a splendid sight to see in the Tropics it turns all colours.

31 August

A nice cooling breeze sailing about 9 miles an hour but it is rather ? and cloudy we crossed the Line last night sailing about the same rate as yesterday.

1 September

A fine day nice breeze sailing about 9 miles an hour we passed two vessels we had some amusements this afternoon. Athletic Sports by the emigrants and sailors and had a concert this evening all's well.

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