Monday, September 22, 2008

Women in New Zealand's Political Economy

A Journeyman Pictures documentary from 2001 surveying the progress women have made in New Zealand society:

Women of Substance - New Zealand (October 2001)

For all the progress in greater equality for women, there still remains a large economic gap. Statistics New Zealand's Household Economic Survey shows that median annual personal income for women was 60 percent of that for men in 2007.

The ratio of female to male median hourly earnings was 88 percent in June 2007. It rose from 83 percent in June 1997 to 88 percent in June 2001 but has not risen above that level since. The greatest earnings gap between the genders occurs in age groups over 30 years of age, with groups under 30 showing little earnings difference between men and women. See The Social Report 2008, published by the Ministry of Social Development here.

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