Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stoned - Fonterra on San Lu & Chinese Baby Poisoning

The facts updated:

Fonterra knew for 6 weeks that its Chinese joint-venture, San Lu, had been selling melamine-tainted milk used in infant formula before it informed the New Zealand government. Fonterra claims it was trying to work internally within China to get a public health authority response. Once informed, the New Zealand apparently acted decisively to alert the Chinese central government through diplomatic channels of the health risks to Chinese babies: more than 6244 of whom have contracted kidney stones, 158 are suffering acute kidney failure.

San Lu is alleged to have known as early as 2005 that its milk was being tainted with the toxin, according to a vice governor of Hebei province, Yang Chongyong.

Contrary to San Lu claims that Chinese dairy farmers had added the toxin to their milk, initial investigations now show 41 out of Sanlu's 372 own fresh milk supply centres mixed melamine in milk.

Beware corporate tainted "love"...

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