Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Christchurch - Past & Present #4 South from Cathedral Square

Looking south from Cathedral Square, from a spot close to front doors of the Cathedral... a century or so between views... (click on pics for larger view).


circa 1910 and 2007

The Bank of New Zealand retains its location on the left corner, replacing its original building with a multiple storey structure. The United Service Hotel on the right corner was built in 1884-85, a fifth storey added in 1929 and was demolished 1990 to be replaced by the ANZ Bank building currently on the site. The trams were long gone, the last one running in 1954, but a few were brought back in 1995 as a lure for tourists on a short downtown circuit.

Southern view from Square, 2007 showing BNZ and ANZ buildings in wider view (top);
Restored tram streetcars (bottom), The Square, 2007.

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