Friday, February 19, 2010

Sheep Droving in New Zealand - Travel Poster - circa 1930s

Sheep Droving in New Zealand - Travel Poster - Marcus King - circa 1930s

What gallery of New Zealand travel posters would be complete without a picture of white fluffies sans dags ambling along a country road or bounding across a pasture as a rambunctious hunteraway or a stealthy eye dog steers them towards some unseen gateway or set of yards?

In this Marcus King poster, electric power pylons string out down the valley showcasing the expanding role of hydro power dams in the southern lakes and rivers region of the South Island. So, the engineers - nationbuilders that they were - also get a look in.


Jayne said...

You can't fool me, I've seen Black Sheep, I know what those woolly backs are really like!

kuaka said...

Aw, Jayne, you've been hanging around too many Merinos. It's just wool grease that makes those fine wooled beggars' fleeces look blackish. Really. Sort of.

Halley said...

Marcus King's posters are fantastic!