Monday, February 22, 2010

New Zealand - Wonderland of the Pacific - Travel Poster - circa 1930s

Wonderland of the Pacific, Travel poster, circa 1930s

Then there is the exploitation of Maoritanga and womanhood in the travel poster. More difficult in the 2010s for the "Madmen" (Madison Avenue men for those not acquainted with the TV series) to appropriate these cultural territories, not that they don't try. Any nominations for the equivalent of Madison Avenue in the New Zealand context of 1930s or today?

Surprisingly this young wahine with bared right shoulder enticing the tourist to come see all the "wonders" including her good self prominently in the foreground is untroubled to have a geyser erupting (Freudian reference here?) a fraction to her right while her toes are nicely being boiled or perchance just warmed in the hot pool to her left. Yes, you art buffs, I lack "perspective".


Jayne said...

Dunno about the ad men but the "original cultural" dance thing the Russians performed at Vancouver yesterday was a hotch-potch of Maori, Australian Aboriginal, Goodness-knows-what and some bizarre elevator music.
They did end with rubbing noses....but the Indigenous Canadian People had no issue with it, so it's all good.
Apparently *snort*

kuaka said...

glad i'm missing it all!

super 14 started the other weekend and nobody offends anyone in that competition ;)