Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cattle Droving, South Westland - Travel poster - circa 1930s

 Travel poster, Cattle Droving, South Westland, artist Marcus King, circa 1930s

Cattle droving on a fine South Westland day as the Herefords cross a frigid, glacial-fed river.

No, Jayne: not South West Island which would be Tasmania, right? And we'll have none of yer Drover's Run, McLeod's Daughters stuff on this side of the Tazzie, thank you very much! ;)


Jayne said...

So...I'm guessing there's none of the Ryans living next door or Tassie Tigers and feral cameramen roaming in the underbrush?

kuaka said...

yeah, it's been pretty much tess'ied and claired out ;)