Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why Can't Larry the Lamb & Other Air NZ Cup Rugby Sports Mascots Get Along?

Larry the Lamb, mascot for the Red & Blacks - Canterbury - forms a rolling maul with the competition until someone illegally drags it down. Full arm penalty, I think. Followed by a free-for- all, leading to a collective sin binning. Turbo Man seems to be, ah, winded. Larry looks, well, sheepish then decides to take it outside chasing Auckland's Seagull, presumably to pluck a few feathers out of that sorry bird's tail. A bit like how the real competition is going.

Just as well the pedantic rugby ref, Mr Lawrence, isn't on the scene or they'd all get red-carded.

Show us the love, indeed.

The song is "Why Does Love Do This To Me?" by The Exponents, a Christchurch band. The song is a favourite of rugby crowds, especially at Rugby Sevens competitions.

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Jayne said...

Very funny ;)