Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nairn & Sons, Florists & Nurserymen, Christchurch, circa 1900s

 Nairn & Sons, Plant Catalogue cover, 1901-02.

The firm of Nairn & Sons, located in Lincoln Road, Christchurch provided nursey plants and seeds not only to the Christchurch area but also nationally through its plant catalogue advertising in the early 1900s.

As early as the 1870s Mr D Nairn was an active member of the Christchurch Horticultural Society and a competitor in the Societ's floral competitions in which he and his teenage son, Robert were frequent prize winners. 

During the Jubilee Exhibition of 1900  Nairn and Sons provided large exhibition displays, a practice they continued at Horticultural Society shows during the subsequent decade.

Nairn & Sons, Plant Catalogue cover, 1904-05. 

Nairn & Sons, Plant Catalogue, page advertising Clematis varieties, 1906 Catalogue

Nairn & Sons, Plant Catalogue, page advertising Lilium odorum Japonicum. Syn. Browni, 1906 Catalogue

Nairn & Sons, Plant Catalogue, page advertising Romneyia tricocalyx, 1906 Catalogue

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Sarndra said...

Nice post :)

I've just received a box of family photos and ephemera connected to my great grandmother who died in Christchurch in March 1961. In it is a card which was attached to a bouquet i should imagine. It was a sympathy bouquet & i gather for my great Grandmother's funeral possibly - it has her surname on the back. The card states Nairns Nurseries Ltd. I'll have to research to see how long the nurseries lasted for and when [if it is the same Nairn Nursery] they dropped "the sons"