Saturday, October 31, 2009

Taihape Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack on the Main Trunk Line!

On 19 October 2009, KiwiRail announced that Taihape was being placed back on the list of stops on the Overlander passenger train's schedule on the North Island Main Trunk Line.

Removed from scheduled stops in 2005 as passenger numbers on the Overlander fell, Taihape is back for a one-year trial.

North- and southbound trains will stop for a 2 minute spell.

If you want a cuppa you'll have to be quick. Maybe text ahead to one of the cafes and see if they'll meet you on the platform!

Seriously, though, get off the train for a day or two and experience Taihape. Accommodation has been upgraded from the barky hut pictured in the post below.

Disclaimer: The Taihape Tourist Board and this blogger have no financial or other relationship.


Jayne said...

Getting "lost" stations back on the stop schedule is near impossible here in Oz, so WELL DONE whoever was behind this!

Aaron said...

Wow, I wonder what made them decide to add it back. When the day comes and I go to New Zealand I'll have to check Taihape out : )

P.S. I like the idea of texting cafes ahead of time to meat you on the platform... I wonder if the day will come when texting places of business is common practice!