Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Devonport, Auckland - Past & Present #1 - Victoria Road

After taking a virtual tumble over the handlebars on the descent during the previous blog post (see previous entry), I'm back. (I really didn't experience any pain & suffering, however virtual; I just got very busy for awhile).

Breaking out of the Mainland - South Island - mindset, it's up to the land of the nastily & unfairly labeled Jaffas (Just Another F...g Aucklander, to the uninitiated), who apparently prefer to be called the Sons & Daughters of Maui: Auckland, with a past & present glimpse of Devonport.

Looking up Victoria Road, Devonport, in the early 1900s. Muir & Moodie.

Looking up Victoria Road, Devonport, in early 2009. Photo: Kuaka.

The Esplanade Hotel, corner of Queens Parade and Victoria Road. Photo: Kuaka, 2009.

Constructed on the site of the former Flagstaff Hotel, the Esplanade Hotel was modeled on the resort hotels of the English seaside resorts and named after the best known hotel in Brighton, England. It opened in 1903 and enjoyed popularity because of its harbour front location, just across the street from the Devonport ferry wharf.

Looking back down Victoria Road to the Esplanade Hotel & waterfront. Photo: Kuaka, 2009.

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