Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Christchurch Cycling Craze #1

A peloton of cyclists of the Pioneer Amateur Sports Club, in front of the AMP building in Cathedral Square, about to head out for a Saturday afternoon run, circa 1886. Christchurch City Libraries image.

Christchurch has been known as the Cycle City for more than a century. Its flat terrain, temperate weather, and wide streets lend themselves to the cycling way of life, even if the infrastructure has not always been provided to a standard or availability that cycling enthusiasts may have liked.

A mix of bicycles and folks are arrayed in front of the AMP building above prior to embarking upon a Saturday afternoon rumble, er, ramble.

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Jayne said...

If an Aussie swaggie had a push bike, he was thought to be "of a better sort" than the garden variety who used Shanks' Pony (legs).