Thursday, April 9, 2009

Banana (Sugar?) Republic of Fiji Dismisses Judiciary In Its Entirety, Revokes Constitution. What Next, Fijian Pirates?

In a shoot-the-messenger edict, Fijian President Ratu Josefa Iloilo- cypher for military dictator Frank Bainimarama - has dismissed the nation's full judiciary and revoked its constitution after the Fijian Court of Appeal ruled the military dictatorship illegal and that Bainimarama should be removed from office. NZ press report here.

No word yet to confirm rumours that the next growth industry for Fiji will be Fijian pirates - a franchise of the Somali pirates - or a joint venture with North Korea on launching an inter-ballistic kite on the end of a string to strike fear in the South Pacific. reports that two Christchurch, New Zealand lawyers, Gerard McCoy and Christopher Pryde, argued for the military regime. Lawyers often say they do not get to choose their clients, but that's a cop out: they do so all the time by not taking the case or terminating the relationship.

Kuaka simply notes that New Zealand decriminalised prostitution a few years back, so pimping for a military dictatorship is no longer illegal, just immoral.

Yet another sad day for the good people of Fiji and the Rule of Law.


Canterbury Heritage said...

A Christchurch lawyer with insufficient gumption to cross the Tasman for a proper job is an expert on justice in the same way a prostitute is an expert on love.

kuaka said...