Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Turner's Chemist, Manners Street Corner, 1898-1900s

D L Turner announced the opening of his new premises - a chemist shop at the corner of Manners and Willis streets, Wellington - in the Evening Post of 3 March 1898.

In the picture postcard below, circa the mid 1900s, Turner's store sign can be seen.

Dr Harding's 3 storey building of the early 1870s has been modified by converting the bricked wall ground floor to a retail frontage that Mr Turner occupied in early 1898.

The electric tram suggests the picture dates from after 1904 when the electrics were introduced. The Duke of Edinburgh hotel on the left is now a significant three story masonry structure replacing the two storey affair of the 1870s.

Turner's Corner, Manners Street, Wellington, circa 1905.

It's unclear when Turner vacated the premises but by August 1908 Claude H Perrett was operating his chemist shop at the location.

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