Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hotel St George - Perrett's Corner Wellington 1930s

The Hotel St George, circa 1930s.
Alexander Turnbull Library

The Art Deco style Hotel St George was constructed on the site of the Albert Hotel, the former Old Identities Hotel on the corner of Boulcott and Willis Streets opposite Perrett's corner in Wellington. It opened for business in 1931.

For over 60 years the hotel served as a high class hotel hosting some of Wellington's most notable visitors including the Beatles in 1964.

Now subject to Heritage protection, architect William Prouse's design is described by the Wellington City Council's Heritage site as "a three-storey "base" with a curved corner, and two shafts above, rising to eight storeys, which are divided by a deep bay with perforated balconies. There is a conscious (but not over-defined) vertical emphasis to the building consistent with the Art Deco influence.... It must have seemed the very epitome of the modern hotel when it opened in 1930. The construction, too, was advanced, consisting of reinforced concrete, cast in situ, and floors of Winflor reinforced concrete block."

The hotel under construction in 1930. The building immediately to its right is the Wellington YWCA:

Hotel St George under construction in 1930
Photo: William Hall Raine. Alexander Turnbull Library

The Hotel St George begins to overshadow Perrett's corner in 1930 as well as the Wellington YWCA in the right edge of the picture.

Hotel St George begins to take up some of Perrett's afternoon sun, a precious commodity in Wellington. Alexander Turnbull Library

Today the St George is used as a student hostel by the Victoria University of Wellington.


Jayne said...

That is one gorgeous building!
Glad to read it's heritage protected.

kuaka said...

But just a few doors down they knocked over a noteworthy art deco picture theatre for yet another office tower - watch for next week's posts... win some, lose many.

Jayne said...

Damn, that's a bugger.