Friday, February 6, 2009

Manners Street, Wellington - 1880

The recently completed 1878 surgery and home of Dr Robert Harding stands on what is to later become known as Perrett's Corner at the intersection of Manners, Willis, and Boulcott streets, Wellington. Harding's building would be converted into a pharmacy by the early 1900s.

Street lights have arrived in Wellington, presumably fueled by gas, and one occupies the near left corner. No tram tracks as yet, the tram's arrival is still a decade or more away.

What lies behind the photographer? A view from a hundred metres or so behind the first photographer up Boulcott Street looking back down to Perrett's corner and Manners Street.

Boulcott Street, Wellington, [1880?], Alexander Turnbull Library

St Mary of the Angels Catholic Church is in the right near foreground while the building with the central tower in the centre of the photo is what will become the YWCA building.

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