Monday, August 17, 2009

Winds of Change - Brooklyn Wind Turbine, Wellington, NZ

The Brooklyn Wind Turbine, 2009.
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The Brooklyn wind turbine on the hills above Wellington, New Zealand was installed in 1993 to assist in wind power experiments. Located on the top of a hill in the "Windy City", notorious for its strong prevailing north westerly winds, sometimes reaching gale force, the turbine is located in an excellent spot for testing whether wind power can be harnessed effectively.

Subsequently passing into the ownership of Meridian Energy, the turbine stands 31.5 metres tall, weighs almost 23 tonnes, and has a maximum generating capacity of 0.23 megawatts, sufficient to power 60 to 80 Wellington homes.

The Turbine looking uphill from the northerly slope within the Karori Wildlife sanctuary. Only wish there were sound effects so you could hear the swoosh, swoosh of the blades.

Down below on the northerly slope, just a few hundred metres away, life goes on fairly much as usual for the tuatara, North Island robin, a lime green caterpillar, and the tree fern in the Karori Wildlife sanctuary.

Tuatara, 2009

North Island Robin

Caterpillar on the forest floor

koru, unfolding fern frond, symbolizing new life, unfurling on a tree fern, 2009.

Winds of change... does the long-lived tuatara wonder whether "this too shall pass" - or "shall I pass" into extinction? Which will survive the other, the tuatara or the wind turbine? The wind is older than both and surely will survive them both.

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