Monday, January 11, 2010

Main Street, Upper Hutt, Wellington, Town Hall & Post Office

Post Office, Upper Hutt, with Town Hall to the right, circa 1910s. Photo: Tanner Bros. Alexander Turnbull Library.

The problem with historical images is you start digging. Deeper and deeper you go...

Above, the Upper Hutt post office, visible in the previous post below, pictured there on the right hand side of the street as the military procession passes by. By its side, the Upper Hutt town hall, doubling as the Cosy Theatre and home to People's Pictures.

Upper Hutt Town Hall, circa 1910. Alexander Turnbull Library

The local venue for entertainment in small town New Zealand in the early twentieth century, pictures one night, a dance the next. Weekend after weekend.

Keep digging... more to come on this stretch of small town, Upper Hutt.

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