Thursday, January 21, 2010

J A Hazelwood Grocery Store #3 - 1904c to 1922 - Upper Hutt, Wellington

 J A Hazelwood Drapery & Hardware Store, circa 1900s. People identified as,from left to right: L Greenwood, H Hazelwood (brother of J A), J Gillies, P Hazelwood, J A Hazelwood, W N Pepperill, Fred Hill (baker), F L Brace (accountant), George Morgan (Akatarawa farmer). Photo: C Davies. Alexander Turnbull Library. (click on image for larger view)

Finally back to continue the series of Upper Hutt posts...

Around 1904, J A Hazelwood moved into his third store, this time a two storey brick building built for the purpose. It was eventually to be destroyed by fire on 1 February, 1922.


Group, including members of the Hazelwood family, standing outside J A Hazelwood's general store, Upper Hutt, circa 1906. Photographer unidentified. Left to right: W N Pepperell; F C Brace; (back) J Gillies; (kerb) Charlie Morris; Herbert Hawks; Percy Hazelwood; May Hazelwood; J T Hazelwood and J A Hazelwood. Left of centre - right of way. Far left - Brace & Pratt. Alexander Turnbull Library. (click on image for larger view)

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