Friday, March 6, 2009

Majestic Cabaret Willis Street Wellington

US Sailors and their dance partners, Majestic Cabaret, circa 1942
Alexander Turnbull Library

The Majestic Cabaret was located in the Majestic Theatre building on Willis Street, Wellington. During World War Two it was the site for many dances entertaining US troops stationed in New Zealand to shore up defences while New Zealand's own forces were deployed in the Middle East campaign.

While neither were technically on the Manners St - Willis St corner known as Perrett's Corner, the Majestic Theatre and Cabaret were within spitting distance and no doubt more than one kiss goodnight was exchanged at the corner after a dance and before a mad dash for the last tram home...

[Apologies for the poor taste mixed metaphors combining "spitting" and "kiss" in the same sentence. Hardly a romantic flourish on my part.]

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