Monday, March 9, 2009

After the Wrecking Ball Has Taken Its Toll - Majestic Theatre & Cabaret, Willis Street, Wellington 1988

Photo: William West. Circa 19 July 1988.
Dominion-Post collection, Alexander Turnbull Library

Gone But Not Forgotten - the Majestic Theatre and Cabaret have been leveled without a trace. The Hotel St George stands in the left background, surveying a wasteland while the beleaguered Pollen House stands alone behind the crane minus its arm.

Photo: John Nicholson. circa 3 August 1988.
Dominion-Post collection, Alexander Turnbull Library

Construction begins on the Majestic Centre complex, replacement to the art deco Majestic Theatre and Cabaret, Perrett's Corner is immediately behind the pile driver, the Hotel St George across the street to right, the Duke of Edinburgh Hotel on left corner has gone - demolished to make way for a low rise retail walk-through, while the Pollen House awaits its move.

Bearing the name only, the Majestic Centre, a $200 million office tower block, arises out of "the ashes". At 116 metres, it is currently Wellington's tallest building. At least the Preston building's facade (est. built 1910) is preserved. A small "at least".

The Majestic Centre. Photo taken 29 January 1991
Dominion-Post collection. Alexander Turnbull Library.

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