Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Seagulls Over Rongotai - Landing At Wellington Airport

Landing at Wellington, NZ, is always a delight especially when the nor'wester cross winds are howling away...

An up close and personal look at the barnacles on the rocks on the southern approach over Cook Strait, a little pitching, a little yawing, a few bunny hops along the runway, braking before you head into Evans Bay, and you can always go around again for another turn...

Apparently the RNZAF B727 (see below) was carrying a group of US senators and wives on this next one, according to someone who left a comment on YouTube who said s/he was loadmaster for this flight. A senator's wife having safely landed nearly fell over the railing disembarking in her haste to kiss the tarmac! The airport was closed to civil traffic at the time. Those air force pilots might have old equipment to fly, but they sure know how to fly it. (Think they have a 767 now, but no fighter aircraft... that's the kind of air force NZ has these days.)

Hats off to the pilots who do a fine job landing in the Windy City. Arriving by sea is more dangerous. Brings back memories... pass another paper bag.

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