Monday, November 10, 2008

The Bride Flight - Dutch Feature Film on The Last Great Air Race to New Zealand

The Dutch feature film, The Bride Flight, was shot on location in New Zealand in November 2007 and released in October 2008.

It was inspired by the last great air race in 1953 - from London to Christchurch, New Zealand - and the passengers on the KLM flight that won the handicap race. The KLM flight was unusual because it carried passengers: Dutch brides traveling to New Zealand to join their fiances who had already gone out to New Zealand. The press dubbed it "The Bride Flight".

In The Bride Flight, three of these young women meet Frank, emigrating to New Zealand to become a farmer. They don't know it at the time but their encounter with Frank will affect each of their lives in their new country as each finds their goals in life remain unfulfilled or change. It is only many years later they fully realise the significance of that flight with Frank.

You can view the trailer and an interview with the scriptwriter at The Bride Flight website here.

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