Sunday, August 31, 2008

Christchurch – Past & Present #3 High & Colombo Streets

The intersection of High, Colombo, and Hereford Streets, just south of Cathedral Square, has been a busy place since the earliest days of Christchurch’s settlement. (click on pics for larger view).

Looking South-east on High Street (top), circa 1910, with hansom cabs in front of The City Hotel on right side of street; The City Hotel (bottom), built in 1862.

A constant landmark since 1880 to the present is the Fisher Building, on the left hand corner of High & Hereford Streets, shown in both these pictures (above) on the left. High Street is now a pedestrian mall down to Cashel Street. A fountain has replaced the cabs outside the previous location of the City Hotel. Left hand picture from 1910s, right hand picture, 2007.

I doubt he remembers it, but many years ago my eldest brother dropped the Christmas ham off the back of his bike at this intersection. I know because, from one of the city's big red buses, I saw traffic weaving around him as he retrieved the ham, and our Christmas. The things one remembers from one's childhood...

One of those Big Reds clears the intersection, going north into the Square.

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