Saturday, September 4, 2010

Diversion Anyone?

And if you are sorely in need of diversion from worrying about loved ones, the damage to a beloved city, or how to put body and soul back together, then take a break, find a working tv and watch today's Australia v Springboks test. There's nothing at stake for Kiwis, watch it even if you can't stand rugby, because, well, it's just an exciting game of soaring success, reversal, digging yourself out of a hole, and playing down to the wire. For 80 minutes you'll at least be diverted, distracted, and maybe even enthused.

We now return to normal transmission - test pattern to be imagined  about here. (You have to be reasonably old to know what a test pattern was).

p.s. I've been scared to ask anyone, because it would seem crass, but what the heck, it's me after all, does anyone know if Lancaster Park, er AMI stadium held up ok? It should given all the new construction!


Sandy said...

i didn't watch the rugby....ickies LOL :P but this may answer your stadium query

kuaka said...

Thanks, Sandy, I was watching a delayed video feed of the Canty v BOP game & thinking "people get out of there, go somewhere safe, there's a quake coming!" Silly, huh, but just wanting people to be out of danger.