Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christchurch Past & Present #15 - Sumner Beach & Pier Panorama

A view of the Sumner pier and beach from Cave Rock, probably in the early 1920s by Aldersley. Clifton Hill in the background, largely cleared of trees with some replanting on the lower slopes. Shag Rock (Rapanui) in far right background.

The building at the seaward end of the pier is the Sumner Lifeboat institution's boatshed that in more recent times has been relocated to a new building at the end of Scarborough beach that lies behind the camera position to the east.

A modern view of Sumner from a similar spot on Cave Rock taken in early January 2007. (Two photos have been rather inexpertly spliced together). The pier has long gone but the pier tearooms - restaurant remains. The sand has accumulated over the decades so the high tide mark has moved further out from the old shoreline.

Clifton Hill has a denser subdivision of housing while tree replanting has expanded to add more cover and soil retention. Canterbury's nor'westers can act to dry vegetation on Clifton Hill and neighbouring hillsides increasing the risk of summer fires.

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