Friday, September 3, 2010

State of Emergency Declared In Chirstchurch

A state of emergency has been declared in Christchurch, according to Mayor Bob Parker. This provides the city the power to close areas or buildings off for public safety reasons.

Harewood airport is still closed but may be re-opened within a few hours to allow further personnel, supplies & equipment to be brought in. Water may need to be brought in by tankers. Armed forces are mobilizing resources.

After shocks may dislodge loose masonry created by the major shock. A lot of debris on streets etc.

Mayor Parker says reports are that the museum, Arts Centre (old university campus) and Christ College buildings - all heritage or historic sites - have only minor damage, thanks perhaps to the major strengthening of those structures to bring them up to code.

Parker says this is NOT a flattened city but one with some significant damage to older buildings.

After shocks continue.

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