Sunday, August 22, 2010

All Blacks Win Tri Nations, Aussies Hang Their Politicians Out to Dry

Weekend round-up

New Zealand's All Blacks won a thrilling cliff hanger of a rugby test in South Africa to take the Tri-Nations crown for 2010, adding it to the Bledisloe Cup won a fortnight ago against the Wallabies.

Meantime, over the ditch in Australia, voters hung their politicians of all persuasions out to dry. Nice one, Aussies! 

All in a weekend's work, as they say.


Jayne said...

Y'know we only turn up to vote because
A) they passed a law saying we had to and
B) cos there's always a sausage sizzle at the polling booths.
The sausage in bread is the real clincher, though ;)

kuaka said...

sausage sizzle!

i would've voted twice, if i'd known.