Monday, May 3, 2010

Blue Smoke - Pixie Williams - First NZ Pop Song?

Blue Smoke, the first pop song said to be recorded in New Zealand, circa World War II, by Pixie Williams. Written by Ruru Karitana in 1940. A comment on the You Tube page by a person claiming to be Ms Williams as her Nana states that the singer is still with us as Ms Pixie Costello.

Not sure about the video feed but it appears to have been produced to lend nostalgic images of the 1940s to accompany the musical composition.

A new version of Blue Smoke has reportedly been produced recently.

The composer  Karitiana gave the origins of the song as follows: "We were on the troopship Aquitania in 1940 off the coast of Africa when a friend drew my attention to some passing smoke. He put the song in my lap," said Karatiana. 

Sing along, here are the lyrics:

Blue smoke goes drifting by into the deep blue sky
And when I think of home I sadly sigh
Oh I can see you there with loving tears in your eyes
As we fondly said our last goodbyes.
And as I sailed away with a longing to stay
I promised I'd be true and to love only you

Blue smoke goes drifting by into the deep blue sky
My memories of home will never die.

BRIDGE, spoken
Smoke drifts above me - Whispering I miss you
Taking my thoughts back to you - Across the sea
I know that when - I sail home again
I'll find you waiting for me.

VERSE 2. Women
Auahi rere nei ki rö te rangi nui
Me öku mahara tae atu aue
He nui rä te aroha me te roimata ...
... "E wehe nei, e wehe nei ra koe."
E haere rä ahau me te aroha nui
Möhou, e tama e, te aroha nei

Auahi rere nei ki rö te rangi nui
E kore au e wareware e.
E kore au e wareware e. 

Smoke drifts away high into the sky
and the memories come flooding back. "Aue!!"
Those overwhelming feelings, and the tears
" ... You are going, you are going ...
I travel with you on the wings of my love
Oh Tama, my love is all for you."

Smoke drifts away high into the sky.
I will never forget you.
I will never never forget you.

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Jayne said...

What a lovely song :)