Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Hope You Have A Good Time At The Murder House" - Short Film (1998)

Now that the weekend is upon us, time for a little relaxation. How about a movie?

Why not hop up into the chair, lie back, rest your head on the soft headrest.... rinse and spit, and visit The Murder House (a.k.a the school dental clinic):

A short film directed by Warrick 'Waka' Attewell, written by Ken Hammon, starring the diabolical Tina Cleary. Made available by NZ On Screen.

This blogger remembers each and every instrument that appears in the dental clinic in this film, and he can hear the sounds and smell the smells of the Murder House as if it were, well, (a scary) yesterday,  in an age without novacaine. The horror, the horror...

Film trivia: the car that enters the driveway in the opening moments is the same make & model as kuaka's first car, a Fraud Anglican as we used to call it, better known as a Ford Anglia.


Jayne said...

Love the old Ford Anglia; sometimes a solitary beast that usually hunts in packs and has an extended family herd but has been declared on the endangered list since a specimen was trained to appear in the Harry Potter films.

kuaka said...

Uneducated youth that I was, I did not realize the Ford Anglia could fly. Looping the loop and tail spins were not part of the driving test then. I had to wait to the 'arry Pooter films to discover the Anglia's hidden attributes.