Monday, December 28, 2009

Flyger Funeral Furnishers - "Prices to Suit All Classes" - Cuba Street Wellington, 1905

 J Flyger & Co, Funeral Furnishers and Embalmers, advertisement in "The Maori and Pakeha Carnival, Vivian Street Citadel". Music Programme, page13, 1905. Alexander Turnbull Library.

As often happens, while researching other matters my interest was piqued by this ad for Flyger's funeral services in a music programme.

If Tonking's linseed emulsion failed to cure your cough in 1905 - see top banner ad - you could apparently count on Mr Flyger and his flying team of horses to furnish you a good send-off. Flyger it seems was an equal opportunity undertaker, advertising he had "prices to suit all classes".

Cheery stuff as you browsed the music programme during intermission. Death, as folks well knew in 1905, is always with you.

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