Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Minson & Co. Hardware Store, Christchurch, early 1900s

Minson's Hardware & China store at 220 Colombo Street, February 1911. Stephano Webb, photo. Alexander Turnbull Library.

Interior of Minson's store in 1898 showing the vast array of household wares on sale - dinner sets, bedroom washing sets, lamps, trunks and much more. Christchurch City Libraries image.

This blogger remembers Minson's as the terror of a small boy confronted with a sea of fine china displays that he was told not to touch for fear of dropping & breaking something. Small bull in a china shop, indeed.

For a bit more background on the history of Minson's pop over to the Canterbury Heritage blog's entry on the store.

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Anonymous said...

thanks, useful reference as bought some china with Minson & Co stamped on the bottom and wanted to know where they came from